About KBmeter

Technical and intermarket analysis of financial markets to understand how they are moving

What is the risk perception of financial players? Are US or European equities doing better? And among bonds, which ones do investors choose? These are questions that anyone approaching the world of financial markets asks themselves before making their choices. Tactics or strategy, it all depends on one simple rule: follow the market to see where it intends to go.

It was with these questions in mind that we came up with the idea of developing a tool capable of giving, in a clear and concise manner, useful information on financial market trends and so-called market sentiment, i.e. the attitude of investors at a given market phase. The concept that comes closest to this idea is certainly that of the barometer. And KBMeter wants to be a kind of barometer of the financial markets, to measure the ‘atmospheric pressure’ in which different financial assets move.

Cross-referencing data from technical and intermarket indicators on over 100 financial indices (from stock markets indices to commodities), KBMeter offers analyses updated weekly, summarising the results in short- and medium-term evaluations, indicating the trend suggested by the analyses and accompanying the reports with simulations of strategies created using the indications obtained. This is a way of field-testing the validity of our analysis tools.

In addition, KBMeter offers a weekly newsletter with exclusive content and analysis dedicated to specific stock lists (USA, Italy). Our reports are available by subscription and can be accessed through the pages of this website. You can try the service for a two weeks period, completely free of charge and with no strings attached. The Financial Market Barometer is waiting for you!

How it was born

KB stands for K Briefing, a column published on Ekonomia.it (an Italian economics blog) that covered the world’s major macroeconomic data on a daily basis. Through the K Briefing PLUS service, monthly analyses and outlooks on the financial markets were published. Starting from that service, we decided to create a platform totally dedicated to technical and intermarket analysis of the financial markets, and so KBMeter.com was born.

All the analyses on this site are produced by Arancio and Blu Consulting, an Italian financial consultancy that has been active in financial research since 2004.