The financial markets barometer

Kb Meter aims to be a barometer of the financial markets. A synthetic indicator to understand how the markets are moving. Cross-referencing data from technical and intermarket indicators on over 100 financial assets (from stock markets indexes to commodities), KBMeter offers analyses updated weekly, summarising the results in short- and medium-term evaluations, indicating the trend suggested by the analyses and completing the reports with simulations of strategies created using the signals obtained.

Last update

  • On the financial markets it is time for the first quarterly reports of 2023
    In the past week, the first quarterly reports of 2023 for the US banking sector began to arrive. Rising rates are good for the profits of the big US giants. The continuation of the downward trend in US inflation, however, … Read more
  • Signs of cooling from the U.S. labor market
    In the past week the main theme for financial markets has been the U.S. labor market, with three data points hinting at a cooling of employment and for some, a risk of recession becoming more apparent. In February, job openings … Read more
  • Awaiting labour market data, eyes on inflation
    While waiting for the labour market data in the US, the markets focused on the signals coming from inflation, confirming their expectations of an end to monetary tightening now imminent. In the Eurozone, the situation remains more complex, with the … Read more
  • Investors between inflation and banking system stability
    Another week in which the themes of inflation and banking system stability remained the focus of investors’ attention. Concerns generated by Credit Suisse calmed on the announcement of the merger with UBS, but towards the end of the week new … Read more
  • Banking sector fuels financial market volatility
    The banking sector remained centre stage in the week that has just ended and everything suggests that the storyline in the financial markets will not change much in the coming days. The crisis and the rescue in extremis of Credit … Read more