The financial markets barometer

Kb Meter aims to be a barometer of the financial markets. A synthetic indicator to understand how the markets are moving. Cross-referencing data from technical and intermarket indicators on over 100 financial assets (from stock markets indexes to commodities), KBMeter offers analyses updated weekly, summarising the results in short- and medium-term evaluations, indicating the trend suggested by the analyses and completing the reports with simulations of strategies created using the signals obtained.

Last update

  • Inflation and labour market make financial markets volatile
    Last week in the markets was characterised by sudden changes in mood. Concerns about the protests in China soon gave way to Fed Governor Powell’s words, who was hopeful about a soft landing for the US economy. Eurozone inflation data…
  • FED minutes and PMI surveys support markets
    The week just gone was marked by the release of the minutes of the FED and ECB meetings. A reading of these documents seems to indicate a reduction in the pace of interest rate rises in the coming months, with…
  • The idea of a slowdown in the rate hike strengthens in the markets
    The markets continue to look at the health of the economy on the one hand and the words of the central bank governors on the other. Thus the idea of a slowdown in the rate hike is reinforced, and on…
  • Between hope for inflation and cryptocurrency crisis, markets choose the former
    The week was dominated by data on US inflation, which continued to fall in October. Hopes about the end of the FED’s restrictive monetary policy phase were rekindled and stock markets rose, with technology leading the way. The euphoria over…
  • Central banks send mixed signals to financial markets
    The past week was characterised by many central bank decisions. The RBA, BoE and FED decided on further interest rate hikes, but sending mixed signals and reviving the assumption that the restrictive monetary policy cycle is in its final chapters….